21 January 2009

Cleaning House!

I am working very hard on downsizing my doll collection (due to the possibility of moving...but that's another story). You can now watch for doll additions to Shop 66 on a regular basis once again. Many items I would have never dreamed of parting with months ago will now become available.

I'm also finding out as I take my daily Doll of the Day photo that I'm not as in love with some of my dolls as previously thought. If I start taking shots and I'm not loving the doll, I feel I should give her up. Today's Doll of the Day, Valerie - above and one of my keepers - was shot after two other dolls I just fell out of love with. They will now be available in my shop this evening. :)

I've got to make this short. I have lots of things to do... I'm back to putting 8 to 10+ hours a day into Shop 66 once again. It literally has been a struggle for months and months trying to put in the work with ongoing illness. However, about a week ago I discovered the medication I was taking is the root of my current problems. I ran out of my prescription and delayed refilling it. I felt so much better the first few days I decided to try an experiment to see how I feel without it. I now feel normal. Pain and fatigue free. I really feel like a totally different person - the old person I know. I hope it lasts!! I think it will.

Shop additions will debut about 11:30 pm EST tonight!

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