11 February 2009

Catch Up Fun

Back online! Yay! So I have lots of things to share - like the daffodils blooming in my yard.

I have a clean work table now because I lost something and could not find it. I still can't find it but it's sure satisfying to see the top of this table again. (It's been covered for months.)

Below is craft stuff and other stuff. Lots of ferret themed things...my work room is also shared with my five ferrets.
My doll head stash... the small ones. I have a few other containers with doll heads. It's an addiction.

Here is a freshly sprung out of it's original packaging "Gee Whiz" doll! She has a kissy face. She's so fun and bendy.
Oops! A gust of wind... she fell!! I had to take a shot.
And to wrap up this blog entry... pixies in the garden! Wishing it stays warm a little longer!

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