04 February 2009

Holding off on tonight's additions...

Lucille Close-up
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I've got to finish shipping plus I need a few days to catch up on things I'm behind on. (All those stickers and magnets...what was I thinking?!?). I'll start all over with lots and lots of additions very soon!

Tomorrow I have a nice long update on me. Kind of a present day little 16 things story. In the meantime, enjoy the daily Doll of the Day photos!


sf said...

Can you tell me a good place on line to buy these? I have had no luck finding them anywhere, in my town, or online. When I was in elementary school in the 1960's my mum would occasionally bring me one from the gift shop of the hospital where she worked. But she died and the dollies all disappeared. . .I would just love to get one or two (can't afford to be a collector!!) to (sort of) remember her by.
Thx for any advice.

GMoss66 said...

They can be found on ebay (but it's a competition) or on Yahoo Japan (the Japan ebay) - though it's in Japanese you can bid through a middle party company like Rinkya. I sell dolls here and there in my shop and so do other shops on the e-commerce site I'm on Etsy.com. Visit my "Doll of the Day" blog (there's a link on this page) for links to places to find Pose dolls. Hope that helps! Gretchen @ Shop 66