06 March 2009

Catch Up Time!

I've been away a couple days catching up with some real life things so now it's time for catch up with Shop 66 things!

I received a sweet convo on Etsy from flickrette j-critter earlier in the week introducing me to her new shop "Variations" featuring handmade bead dolls!! I instantly fell in love with them. Today I received my very first bead dolly (in the photos above and below) and it's fantastic!! In every way - craftsmanship, design and cuteness. I love it so much! Please check out her shop - though her little dollies seem to be selling very fast the shop seems to be replenished with lots of new ones just as fast.

The Shop's been busy so I've delayed adding new things but they coming! My vintage Easter items started showing up weeks ago but my handmade things will debut this coming week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the post and all of your support and feedback. You're the tops!

--j-critter ;-)