09 March 2009

Little "Fancy" Pets

I've bid on a super cheap $5.00 Ebay lot last week of little vintage Japan "fancy" pets/animals. It was hard to tell from the photo what they really looked like, their size and if they were clean. It is always a gamble what you'll get with vintage plush. So when they arrived today I was more than happy to find them very clean, cute, super unusual and with tags. I love them all!! The note inside the box said "I hope you enjoy these little animals. I received them on my 16th birthday 52 years ago." Wow! I'm more than honored to adopt them! I think they'll be happy in their new home.


Anonymous said...

What a score! And what a story behind them. Thanks as always for sharing!


WoolPets said...

Too cute! Love looking at all the cool photos of beautiful old dolls and such.