13 April 2009

Nautical Playset and Modem Anxiety

My new sticker set, the "Nautical Playset" is now finished and will debut in Shop 66 tomorrow! A very nice way to end a frustrating morning.

I woke up to no internet. Thinking it was just a quick provider situation, I ignored it for an hour waiting to see if service would be restored. No luck. I then called my provider (Comcast) to see if service was out. No. They then pinged the modem telling me it was ok - but nothing was going here so they scheduled a visit - but for tomorrow. Knowing I could not wait that long, I played around for a while to see if I could get it going. Once I calmed down from the anxiety of having to wait, it hit me that I had been having problems for two weeks with uploading and I had read last night on the Etsy forums that a few people replaced their outdated modems and it solved their problems. So, George rushed to the local service office and asked for a new modem. Within an hour of replacing the modem I was back online!

Note that my modem was only two years old...but I guess in computer years that's like 100??

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