25 August 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Today my daughter, Samantha, is 23! The best day of my life was, August 25, 1986, the day she was born. She's the best thing I every created. She is a real work of art. My living doll.

So today I share with you some current photos of Samantha... because last year I posted childhood photos (Sam, I hope you approve). I think all of them are from her numerous 2009 Canada mini vacations (where she is now...her facebook says: "away in Bruce Peninsula National Park looking at black bears and eating birthday cupcakes". (I bet you can tell by her photos she knows how to have fun.) Happy Birthday Samantha!!


Kristen said...

She's a Doll!! It's amazing how fast they grow up. Happy Birthday to your Daughter♥

samantha said...

thanks mom!