19 August 2009

"Hear's" to You Mom!!

"Hear's" to You Mom! A little shout out to my Mom because today she has her first hearing implant surgery! My Mom is very hearing impaired and it was impacting the quality of her life more and more each day. This first ear surgery is on her worse ear that hears only 12%. She's had many types of hearing aids but nothing like this. This is a surgical implant, a new technology. It's exciting but scary because they actually destroy the ear drum for the implant. In a few weeks they will then place the implant in her modified inner ear. Though she and all of us are super happy this day is finally here, we're still very nervous. Her hearing impairment journey this past 10 years has been a very hard one and we only want the best for her.

Keep my Mom in your thoughts! I love you Mom! xoxo Gretchen

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Folksie Linda said...

I hope and pray that your Mom made out okay and everything was successful!