22 August 2009

I Love Doll Heads!

What can I say, I love doll heads!! All kinds, every kind...porcelain, wood, bone china, bisque, paper-mache, cotton spun, bead, plastic, celluloid, ceramic, felt, stockinette... I love them all. Here's some of my stash (aka keepers).

This is my favorite doll head. She's a piece of art all by herself. See how she stands out in the crowd?

This mod cutie is also another favorite. Very vanity table-ish.

Pose doll heads!! Even two Bradley Doll ornaments.

This my small craft stash. All so precious I'm apprehensive even thinking about using any ot them. Maybe I should just display them in a cool cabinet?

You can always find Doll Heads in Shop 66! I'm always on the hunt and it's common for me to find lots when I find them. The bin above holds just some of the heads I have for the Shop now. I'll add many this week. Hooray!!

Want more?
See more doll heads on my flickr: Doll Heads!!
The very NEW doll head group on flickr: Vintage Dollface (created by Elaine/Kitschdolls)
Doll heads in Shop 66: Shop 66

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superminx said...

I'm so sorry Gretchen, I have been an AWFUL blog friend. I got your box of goodies nearly 2 weeks ago and it's taken me this long to write and say thank-you thank-you thank-you. I don't know where the time is going at the moment, but i can't wait to make something with the wooden heads you sent me. You're a great great person!!! Lots of Love, Andi.