07 August 2009

(Internal) Quiet Days

I've been (internally) quiet the last few days - like a turtle in her shell (or a girl hiding in her doll room) - it's just a phase. Happens from time to time (but more than I prefer...). There's really no way to control it when you're a sensitive, thinking, creative person and you live in a the world of today. So much is thrown at us now- in modern life - and it can take time to process and absorb it. We're all overloaded! I know you agree.

But for me, with all that internal quiet, comes lots of product and creation. Look for these items in the shop and many new ones to arrive in the coming weeks. (And I'll soon be out of this shell...and add lots of cute vintage items to the shop!!)

1 comment:

ismoyo said...

I love my own work space, but if i had a room like yours, i would not see any reason to come out!