01 August 2009

Makes Me Smile

I've been quiet for about 36 hours, fighting congestion and all it's ickyness (like a horrid stomach ache) because the weather turned terribly humid and hot which made everything super moldy (my backyard is covered with mushrooms). So I was very happy to receive something I ordered in the mail today that "makes me smile" - this cute pendant by Elsita. Super cute!! I've been collecting her work for a couple of years and every thing I get is magical!! Made my day! xoxo dear Elsita!


Elsita :) said...

Yay Gretchen!
I am so glad that the little pendant arrived now that you need a smile :) I hope that you get well very soon. It is so hard when we get sick, but take the time to slow down and recover.
I send you a big hug!
Elsita :)

kitschicat said...

Both the little girl and the bird are DARLING. ^_^ And when you aren't feeling well, it's so nice to have a little prize arrive in the mail and brighten your mood!

melis731 said...

After reading this I am now in love with Elsita's shop as well! It inspired me to write a blog post to share it with my friends too!
Thanks :)