25 August 2009

(New Blog Feature) Free Stuff: Twirly Girl

Today I share with you my new blog features/series "Free Stuff". Hooray! To keep in the spirit of Shop 66 philosophy "cute vintage handmade fun" I will be sharing with you fantastic pages of craft I find in vintage craft magazines, kid zines, coloring books, playsets, etc. I'm debuting with super cute "Whirl a Twirly Girlie" found in Humpty Dumpty Magazine, March 1958. Though this cool little paper dolly ornament is over 50 years old, it's timeless!

Twirly Girl



Anonymous said...

Hi Gretchen
I just love your website.
I have a quick question...is it helpful to have open comments rather than e-mail direct?..I just have my website up and running... www.loftylegacys.com
and I have so much to learn...Thanks Tamara

Renee said...

Thank you! Printing now!