27 August 2009

Shackman Sleepy Baby

Today I share with you my vintage Shackman "Sleepy Baby". Shackman made all sorts of fabulous stockinette dolls but this is by far my favorite. Sleepy Baby's box reads "A new concept in dolls. A real cuddly sleepy head for the first time. A delight to play with." Copyright Shackman 1957, New York, NY. No 3546, Made in Japan.

Find your own on Ebay: Shackman Doll


Jacqueline said...

I would like to purchase some cute stuff from you. Can I send you a money order? Jacqueline at Once Upon a Fairyland. Thank you!

GMoss66 said...

Hello Jacqueline! Yes you can send me a money order. Please contact visit my shop on www.shop66.artfire.com -OR- WWW.shop66.etsy.com both shops take a money order. Or email me at ggmossgirl@yahoo.com. Thank you, Gretchen @ Shop 66