23 August 2009

Show & Tell: My Favorite Vintage Ceramic Animals

Today I share with you my favorite vintage ceramic animal figurines! I part with many in Shop 66 and so I'm sure you are curious on what I do keep in my collection. Here's a dozen (12) of my precious keepers. Enjoy!

Unicorn Shakers

Jewel-Eyed Puppy Bank

Pretty Furry Bunny Rabbit

Spot the Dog

Panda by Rune

Red Fur Puppy Dog

Kitty Cat Twins

Furry Tiger Pup

Bobble Head Momma Deer and Fawns

Faux Wood Piggy Banks

Pretty Pony

Mouse Shakers by Holt Howard


Folksie Linda said...

Oh how adorable your show and tell was today.. I will look forward to this.. what a fun idea.. that's a great idea to have once a week on your blog..you are a smart cookie!

trase said...

I have one of the Holt Howard Mouse Shakers, it was missing its partner and I had to have it. One of my most treasured estate sale finds!