14 August 2009

Show & Tell: My Treasure Box

Today I share with you one of my most treasured possessions... my vintage Japanese handcarved/crafted box full of either small things from my childhood, my daughters childhood or special related cuteness.

The box (and doll) were special gifts from my Great Uncle Burt Scott. Both received while visiting him during my summer visits to Pacific Grove (where he was retired) in 1979 through 1981. My dear Uncle Burt acquired both items while living (and working in the US Army) in occupied Japan in the 1950's. I can say for certainty, Uncle Burt's love, passion and stories of Japan is the main reason for my love for Japan also.

The box has had various contents for the past 30 years, but today it's filled with the following treasures.

Above are two handmade gifts my daughter, Samantha, made for me when she was very little. I love the turtle!

The deep part of the box (above) is full of miniature plush that I adore but have no room to display. It also holds some vintage treasures from my childhood.

The tray contents is primarily childhood vintage treasures. Often I'm asked "if you are parting with all these wonderful treasures in Shop 66, what are you keeping?"... well, these are some of the things.

This is one of the oldest treasures in the box. A tiny little squirrel. I've had him since I was 4 or 5.

Here are more of the oldest childhood treasures. All from about circa 1970.

This is the shelf in the cabinet that houses my precious treasure box.
I hope you enjoyed today's Show & Tell! (For more see my -photo- notes on my flickr.)

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Jacqueline Jaggers said...

I love you blog and I must simply make some choices, I love gnomes! I literally love everything you offer...now I'm in trouble! Thanks for sharing your precious box. Come visit me at Once Upon a Fairyland. You'll find my childhood story...soon I will feature all my Liddle Kiddle dolls. Do you know what they are?