22 September 2009

Show & Tell: My Favorite Paper Doll

If I were a paper doll, this is the paper doll I would be. And coincidentally, this paper doll and I share two things, our name and birth year: Gretchen, 1966. She also has a wardrobe I would totally wear. Look at those shoes she's wearing on the box... perfectly modern.

Her neck is broken and has been taped but I do not care. Until I find a nicer set, I'm happy with this one. (I think she's rare because she this is the only one I every found on Ebay.)

Though she's missing half her wardrobe, I'm happy to have what is left.

The box even had a few un-punched outfits.

Here's one of the missing dresses. So Mod.

I think Gretchen paper doll is about 4... here's me at 4... see the similarity. :)

1 comment:

Yaisha said...

thats so cool! nice find, I want a paper doll of me, lol