04 September 2009

Tiny Crochet Dolls

In my doll collection are many tiny little things that I need to share with you. Like these tiny (adorable) crochet dolls from China. They are usually found by the dozen, boxed in a set - sold and marketed as ornaments and prizes. Some are vintage and some are new. Most have tiny eyes; a rare few have bigger pose doll like eyes. They come in various colors and poses with tiny unique details - even accessories. Sometimes I find them with animal friends. Here are a few of my collection favorites.

Find your own tiny crochet dolls by searching "crochet doll" or advanced search with"crochet doll china" on:
Ebay or Etsy
(Besides the couple in my shop, today I spy a couple boxes available out there to buy!)

1 comment:

Folksie Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your crocheted ones..they are so cute and I loved seeing them.. i mailed out your box today..yes finally it is on its way.. i hope you like them.. and you might have to fluff out the bonnet on your bunka clip as she was closed in ..in that box.. let me know when you get it.
Have a great weekend!