06 September 2009

Weekend Progress Report

Here's a little update on Shop activities! Above is the newest Paper Doll set "Lucky Doll Edition - Jane & Lola". This edition was a long, painstaking process as the original dolls were severely damaged with perforation/diecut marks and other printing imperfections. Though Jane and Lola are from separate "Lucky Doll" vintage paper doll sheets, I thought it would be nice to present/package them as a set. They both have very small wardrobes but cute, fun accessories. The set will be listed in the Shop by tomorrow.

Here's a new handcut stickers set. This is the "Kooky Kokeshi Doll Family" set. Another small restoration project, this set is from a vintage Japanese play card/sheet. Available tomorrow and for only a limited time only.

And finally, my reorganization project will be finished 100% tomorrow. Today I cleaned out my secret cubby hole desk in the Shop 66 inventory cabinet. It's not used as a desk and was starting to become a "catch all" of little things. After purging out the unnecessary things, it's functional again. It will now hold miscellaneous office supplies, bills, receipts, etc.

I'll be back 100% Tuesday with new fun!! (However, watch for new items to magically start appearing in Shop 66 overnight!)

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