07 October 2009

"Playing Dolls"

Remember "playing dolls"? Sitting on the floor with your doll suitcases and containers and sorting through dolls, clothes and their accessories? This is what it felt like when I opened my container of small dolls in the Doll Room. Made me smile thinking that I've been doing this for decades. Here's just some of the dolls in the box I was looking through today.

Kitschy "Smiley" Face dolls; circa early 1970's.

Vintage German dolls.

New Kewpies from Japan.

Box of Micro Kewpies (from Japan).

More vintage German dolls.

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Folksie Linda said...

Oh I loved pulling all my doll things out.. unfortunately i lost all of my childhood dolls in a very bad fire..so had to restart all over again.. but i do remember playing with them all the time. i used to hold them by one arm and have them talk to each other..LOL.. and even now I still get the same feeling when i take out my dolls i have now and clothes and such.. I love them so!