01 October 2009

What's New at Shop 66?

Wow!! I'm super busy because the first ever Shop 66 BOGO sale was a huge, HUGE success! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU for all who stopped in and participated. For those of you who want more or missed it, I will be having a BOGO section (starting this weekend) through the Holidays on my bigger, over $20 USD items.

What else is up? I'm about to debut the return of my Cute Vintage Japan Circle Stickers (above). I hope to have them listed by Friday or Saturday. A Holiday version will debut late October.

My next Kitsch-tastic/I Love Vintage sticker set is almost ready. My "Thanksgiving" edition will debut next week. I also have several other little projects in the works, all related to your requests. Remember, if you wish for an item you think I can create, please contact me. 50% of my products are because YOU wished for them.

Shop additions will resume Friday!! Though I'm still in a sea of orders and shipping, I've got some items ready to list. Hooray!!

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