20 October 2009

Where have I been???

Hate to say it but I'm terribly burnt out. So I've actually been taking a Shop 66 break for a number of days now. After the BOGO sale activity, I needed a big one. Plus my creative/artistic history is like a roller coaster. Find me one creative person that does not over do it...

So to take my mind off stuff, I started working on my Family Tree on Ancestry.com. For me, it's like playing the ultimate puzzle game - but better. I've been finding out all sorts of information about my family. It's very exciting. It's also validated my British Isles lineage. It's no secret - it's a Public Tree I have not problem sharing - above is just a snapshot. (Note: "Willhite" is my maiden/surname.)

And speaking of "family". Above is my daughter's new blog! She left a comment on my last post letting me know she started it. She's starting out slow because she's working on tons of stuff for next months Detroit Urban Craft Fair. I can't wait to see/watch her progress: Little Men Blog

I hope to be back by Friday or sooner... Shop additions are just waiting to be added. Plus I have two new sticker sets to debut (all above).

xoxo Gretchen

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