03 December 2009

The Boy Pose/Cloth Dolls

Yes, there's vintage Japan boy pose/cloth dolls! And I'm always hunting for them too. (There's lots of diversity in my collection.) If the boys are not wearing costumes, they are dressed in a play suit - shorts with a striped/decorated shirt and sometimes a cap. Here's just a few I gathered up to share.

Dakin Dream Doll Boy Ornament. (Dakin makes the cutest boys.) Made in Japan, 1960's.

Large, cloth pose-like doll. Odd but loveable. Made in Japan, 1960's.

Standing pose doll boy. Made in Japan, 1960's.

Eskimo Boy Doll. By Earl Bernard. Made in Japan, 1960's.

My newest boy pose doll (arrived today). I gave him a little teddy bear to ease his introduction to the group. Doll: Made in Japan, 1960's/Ara Bear: Made in Austria, 1970's.

For more boy dolls, see my new Flickr set:
Boy Pose/Cloth Dolls

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