04 March 2010

The "Other" Place: Teaching Carolina

Were have I been lately? What and who is taking up my time? It's "Teaching Carolina." A local shop I'm now helping out. The fabulous owner, Lesley, returned to teaching full-time in September but is still invested in her shop and needs my help! It specializes in educational products, teaching supplies, toys and school uniforms. (Yes! T O Y S!!) That's were I am. Helping another shop become amazing!! Here's some photos...

Shop 66 is not being neglected. I'm actually becoming more organized with Shop 66 products and shipping is now only a 2 or 3 day turn around. The energy I'm getting from being out and about and meeting new people - teachers, parents and children - is fantastic. Very soon I will start adding vintage items to Shop 66. Lots of Spring/Easter things!

BTW... Teaching Carolina needs more Facebook Fans and Twitter followers:
Teaching Carolina Facebook
Teaching Carolina Twitter
(I'm the caretaker and poster of both so if can't find me here...)


Auburn Not Red said...

That looks really fun! I always have a wonderful time browsing in shops like this even though I don't have children.

Folksie Linda said...

Congratulations Little Sis.. I am so very proud of you and glad it is helping you too and they are very lucky to have you!! Good Luck with your new endeavor!!