19 April 2013

Finder Keepers

Pasadena / Los Angeles is home to the best thrift shops. I can leave the house with a few $$ and come back with a bag full of goodies. Thursday and Saturday are my typical hunting days. Here are a few of my recent 'finders keepers' (all under $5.00).

Below are some recent additions to my home from Samantha. Gift keepers!

And finally, where do all my finders NOT keepers go? Well, they go to my greatest friend in the whole world -- Debbie Jones -- who is opening up an Etsy shop called "for our house" very soon. (Below is a screen shot preview.)

I am the guest curator, photographer and techy/website builder girl for this shop. The Etsy shop is just the vintage component. The main e-commerce shop will open sometime in May or June.
Here is a picture of me and Debbie at her "Downton Abbey" Valentine's Day party in February (yes, in costume). My weird growing hair looked ok for the era, yes?

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