11 April 2013

My 'little' collection.

My tiny house today.
Yes, as I'm sure you heard, I gave up my old Shop 66 collection of doll, toys and everything else when the present and future burden of storing/housing became too much for me after such a hard move. It was very hard at first but as time went on I felt free. And luckily so, because months later I was faced with breast cancer.
And through this experience of losing all my things I've learned many, many things. Mainly about things. Things are things! And there's always new things and more things and really these things do not matter. We will always have collecting of things because there are so many things.
So what does matter? Life. You. Me.
Here's just one more 'thing' to share. Me as the Easter Bunny at my church at the annual "Eggstravaganza'. ;)


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See you soon. I promise.

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