01 November 2007

Handmade Made For Me!

I lust over handmade stuff I've asked artists to make especially for me. Here's just a few things I've commissioned this past month:

Custom Friendly Letter Monsters: Big G and little g by The Whimsy Patch .

I had these made because my boyfriend and I have names that start with a G. He's Big G and I'm little g.

Custom Hoodies by Aorta

I love everything by Aorta but garments go fast...so I had these two hoodies made.

The first one is Deer with a Stache - this was a brand new design - I am the first to get one! The second is Bunny Girl - this commemorates my early childhood when I wore a handmade bunny suit and sang a little song to introduce my family's traveling puppet show (that's another story...).

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