19 November 2007

Etsy Top Favs: Part I

I took the Handmade Pledge and hope you will too. Here's two of my favorite Etsy shops (and some of the work I've purchased):


One of my top favorite artist's right now is Elsa Mora (aka Elsita). She lives in Southern California with her lovely little family. Elsita's work hits my heart and soul just the right way. I find something every week I can't resist purchasing. Her blog also uplifts me every day. She is very strong in spirit. She inspires me.

Here are a few works I have:

Heart and Brain.

Little Drops.


Marmee Craft

Marmee Craft (aka Marjorie) is another one of my top favorites. I also find something I want often -- the presentation of her work is also diverse. Her blog reads: "Marjorie lives in a whimsical little nook with her dear and darling husband and two deliciously adorable cats...she is wont to paint ladies with long necks, sweet (and sometimes sad) little woodlanders and she also loves to sew."

I have the following works by Marmee Craft:

Whole Again.

Group Portrait in Plush.

Transfiguration 2.

View my blog next week Wednesday for a few more of my favorites.


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