17 November 2007

Treasure Hunting - Savannah, Georgia

Though I'm still a little under the weather, I took a short trip to Savannah to see if I could find some treasures. Now the South is still new to me, so each time it's been hit or miss.

My first stop was the famous "Keller's Flea Market." All I can say is, I might consider getting a concealed weapons permit next time I go. It was truly a "flea" market. I figured out it was especially not the right place for me when I saw they sold live animals. Seeing that was like putting a knife in my stomach. I honestly did not know that was legal - but as they say here "Honey, you're in the South now..." I left feeling dirty and smelling like bad fried food.

My trusty Garmin helped me get back to downtown Savannah to an antique store I missed on my last visit "Antiques Emporium on 38th." I hit the jackpot! It's a two-story Victorian house filled with all sorts of antique and vintage treasures. My favorite finds were a 1908 Sears catalog; several vintage linens and a bag of sewing tools and notions; cutesy vintage all occasion cards; miniature animals and trinkets; and a handmade curio cabinet from the 60's.

After loading the cabinet and all my other finds in my car, I was ready to go back home. It was a short trip but well worth it.

Cute Vintage Cards...Adorable Greetings!

My favorite it the little child angel painting a squirrel!

My new cute curio - waiting to be placed in the house - where will it go....?

A Christmas Dove

A Cute Unicorn


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