16 November 2007

Rinkya Rules!

I love Rinkya! It's my collector secret and a dream come true.

"What Is Rinkya? Rinkya is a Japan Auction & Online Shopping Service. Want to bid on Japanese Auctions? But you can't read...... and the Japanese seller won't ship it out of Japan anyway? Well, Rinkya can bid and ship all these items to you."
(from Rinkya website)

Yes, it costs $$'s but if you're a serious collector and fan of new and vintage Japanese toys, dolls and other items, it's totally worth it. Just look at the dolls I have won! Not only do you find items that you would rarely find in the US -- all items are in very good condition. Many come in their own boxes and are wrapped extra carefully. Standards are just higher in Japan.

Thank you Rinkya!!

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