10 December 2007

100 and my little helper

Good Monday Morning! This weekend was a little bit of a milestone for Shop 66. The shop has sold over 100 items and listed as a favorite by 100 Etsians! All in less than 100 days (today is only day 54)! Thank you to all that have helped in it's success!

Be sure to check my daily blog (or my partnering flckr account) for updates on new things in the shop or coming to the shop and new arrivals at my studio. I'm now on a daily routine of photographing all cute things that arrive at my door or cuteness I'm working on.

Tonight look for cute little packages of pinbacks and magnets of cool Christmas kitsch. This first batch of "Kitsch Wear" are photos of elves and cuteness from my shop. I'll also be making a few pins from favorite items from my vintage Christmas collection (including the cute little reindeer girls).

Now, who is my little helper? Well, he's my adorable big boy ferret Milo! He's super fuzzy and huggable and the most well behaved ferret you could ever meet. He's the only ferret allowed in my studio because of his incredible self control and because he just makes me feel so good. I adore Milo! He spends a portion of each day on the floor of my studio inspecting all inventory carefully and quietly. Sometimes he likes to lay across my mini photo table (because it's warm) and pretend to bite at some of my new doll's heads but most of the time he's just a pleasant little helper. Sometimes I call him my real little teddy bear!

Until next time.....!


Elsita said...

Let's celebrate!!!!!!!!!
I am right now celebrating and sooo happy for you!!!!!

Hello Cupcake said...

milo is so adorable! say hello for me :D

little odd forest said...

ahhhhh!!! i have to get meself one of those!! :DD
haha just kiddin'.. Milo is such a cute guy!! Lucky you ;)
he sounds much better behaved than a cat.. LOL