11 December 2007

I Will Never Forget Who I Am

I will never forget who I am....I received this necklace the other day that I bought from Delias Thompson on Etsy. I really was not looking for anything in particular that day - just browsing. I happen to read her interview on Etsy when she was a featured seller and naturally I browsed her shop. This necklace jumped out at me. And for a very good reason.

You see, I am a widow. I lost my wonderful, cool husband, Don, in a terrible construction accident July 29, 2004. This day is forever embedded in my heart. It was the day my heart was hurt forever. There are many things I find that touch me, but this Holiday season this particularly means a lot to me right now. You see "I will never forget who I am." I am a loved wife by a wonderful husband who is with me and in my heart forever.

Now that we all have tears in our eyes, let me tell you about this wonderful man. Don was super talented person and had more energy then any man I ever met. He was so cool, I just can't describe it. I can only say he was the "essence of cool." Don accomplished a lot of things in his short life -- he was a talented musician; adored animals - he had sooo many pets; loved thrifting and collecting - he had over 100 vintage shirts; had a passion for art - of course I was his favorite artist; mentored everyone - I mean everyone; was a good friend - had so many best friends, etc. However, his biggest accomplishment by far was that he was a super fantastic father and husband. His family was more important than anything and he spent all his extra time at home or doing things with us. All three are amazing young adults!

This is all I can write for now. Starting today, a Tuesday, I will be writing weekly about Don and my family. As I continue to venture towards relaunching my art, this is another part of the journey. For my art is a reflection of my heart and again, I will never forget who I am!!
This photo was taken by our daughter, Samantha, on a building downtown Detroit (Fall, 2003).


Annie Oakleaves said...

thank you for sharing xoxoxoxoxo

little odd forest said...

thanks for sharing with us something (or someone) so close to you and your family