18 December 2007

Collecting Madness Passed On

If you visit my flickr photos (ggmossgirl) you can see I'm an obsessed collector. I admit it. It's madness!

It's not only the artist part of me - to cherish and seek out things designed and created by others - I collect for comfort. I was a baby sister and spent a lot of my first few years alone during the week while my brother and sisters were at school. And I also spent a lot of days sick in bed - with allergies and other stuff (ie. measles). So spending all that time alone and in bed I made my own pretend world with little things I collected. I was always looking for things to add to my little world. (For more about my collecting and my silly analyses of collecting madness - see my feature on Etsy's Plushteam blog: Where of where are all my plushies going?)

And so I never stopped and naturally I passed this madness to my daughter. Sam is now 21 and lives in her own cool house and has her own collection. I know my collection at 21 was cool, but hers is way better. I know I've directly contributed to her collection through gifts and such but she's inherited the same eye and passion for collecting I have. Collecting madness passed on.

Here are some cool photos of her bench of vintage and weird dolls and plush:

(These photos are all natural - I didn't even adjust how they were organized or displayed. Forgive me Sam!)

Until next time!!



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Annie Oakleaves said...

what a great collection! if i rub off on my girls we are in big trouble. it will be spilling out of the windows.