19 December 2007

Holiday Madness

Yes, it's crazy and exhausting but I still love all this Holiday madness! For one thing, shopping is no problem for me - I just find more cool stuff while on my quest for gifts. I also love to put together gifts for my friends and loved ones because honestly (and this is corny), the best thing I get from Christmas is the pleasure of giving gifts and sharing with others.

I'm proud to say that almost 100% of my shopping this year was handmade, vintage or from local shops. It's always been a value of mine and it's nice to see it's shared by thousands of others.

My worktable is all setup and my studio expansion is almost complete. I just have to put up my two new glass cabinets and I'll be ready to start working!!

Clean space!!!
Look at all the stuff waiting for new cabinets!!
Now it's off to finish packing my boxes and drive to the post office to get my gift off to my loved ones! Check my blog late tonight for Wednesday's Etsy Faves - I have discovered some new shops I adore.

Happy Wednesday!

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Jeanie Nelson said...

LOVE that bird picture! Is it vintage?