23 December 2007

I Told You So

I've been working on a series called - I Told You So. It' a merge of my original art with many of my collection of vinyl and plastic dolls and toys. I am a fan of artist vinyl toys these days and so this is just me playing with my own art on vinyl. I'll be posting my favorites on my blog and progress work on flickr.

The background / burned image on this doll is from a collage titled "Punch and Judy Dreams." It was drawn on vintage Punch and Judy play pages that were sewn together. The images were drawn with pencil and pen and colored with oil pastels. I scanned in the original work at high resolution and only manipulated the saturation a tiny bit to keep the original integrity of my work. The doll is a vintage peewee doll with a unique face. I have a collection of similar peewees but they all have a traditional 70's smiley face. This one little peewee has unique big eyes with girly eyelashes and cutesy mouth. The doll was photographed and then layered with the collage.

Have a Super Sunday Evening!!


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