23 December 2007

Happy Hoodie Holidays

For quite a few years now I've been collecting a menagerie of hoodies. Above is snapshot of my collection. Yes, it's all silly and a tad bit immature but they're my staple of wear around the house, studio and when running errands.

I'm sure many of you remember the late 80's through the mid 90's shameful oversized shapeless shoulder padded cardigans, Cosby sweaters, and thrift store old man golf sweaters --hoodies were a welcome change! It was a natural transformation for me - I religiously wore hoodies (or hooded sweatshirts) all through my childhood in the 70's (and sometimes under a down vest). I also cut up and repurposed many a sweatshirt in the early 80's. The best part of the hoodie trend is many great hoodies feature some of my favorite artists and designers work, ie. Tokidoki, Gama Go, Obey Giant, Princess Tina, etc.*

So hoodies are just more art I collect and wear!! I do not think I'll ever stop wearing and collecting hoodies if the art and design trend goes away but I promise I will never go for a leather or suede hoodie or at the other end of the spectrum - the ladies matching track suit.

*Go to www.giantrobot.com for great hoodies and other cool stuff.

Stay Dry! Keep Warm! Wear a Hoodie!


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