06 December 2007

Little Packages

I'm swimming in little packages this evening. I want to thank everyone for buying so many little things from me this week and to let you know more is coming!!!! I have so many new things to add so watch for all my new listings over the next week, including:

Vintage Avon Glace Pins
Enamel Animal Stick Pins
Kitschy Pixies, Elves and Tiny Dollies
1" Buttons and Magnets
More Vintage Craft Supplies, ie. Doll Heads

And some of these cool "dolls" I found in a box:

I'm still suffering from terrible allergies and so my pace is super slow. This California native has no immunity to South Carolina pollinating trees and plants. It looks like I'm going to have to get shots regularly like I was 13. :(
Can you believe it? 19 days until Christmas....

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