20 December 2007

Lots of lots -- lots of fun!

Today was a sick in bed day for me so I reorganized my smaller collections, shot some photos and played with them digitally.
So here's one of my favorites creations:
Lots of Lots
One of my favorite things is to find items in lots.
Here's a peak of my secret and not so secret stash.

1. Happy Little Holidays, 2. Collecting Sorting Madness - Vintage Avon Pins, 3. Fun with Lots - Flocked Bears with Bad Outfits, 4. Wood Finger Puppets, 5. Re-ment Wonderful, 6. Angelheads, 7. Baby Dolls, 8. Mod Rings, 9. Christmas Embellishment Finds, 10. Cute Vintage Avon, 11. Lots and lots of Dolly Darlings, 12. Vintage Playing Cards, 13. Vintage Dollheads, 14. Vintage Little Craft Things, 15. Vintage Kewpie Pins, 16. Vintage Cardboard Dolls, 17. Bagged Dollies, 18. Vintage Appliques from Japan, 19. Homemade Kitschy Angels, 20. Wood Angels and Nativity Pieces, 21. Sailor Moons Trapped, 22. 100 Dolls in a Box, 23. Angel Doll Heads, 24. Pixie Elves Unite!, 25. Little Animals, 26. Keychains, 27. Vintage Deer, 28. Josef Dolls Lot - Who will I keep?, 29. Lot of Kewpies, 30. Vintage Avon Glace Pins, 31. Enamel Stick Pins, 32. Doll Head Bottles, 33. Vintage Appliques, 34. Enamel Pins, 35. Love is...vintage patches, 36. Wood Bathers
Enjoy your Thursday evening!!
Happy creating!!

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