15 January 2008

The Adventurer

Don Moss, the Adventurer.

So much the adventurer, he worked outdoors. Don worked in the Environmental Engineering profession as an environmental field technician. Some of the places he worked were amazing. He monitored special environmental systems in remote and sensitive places - most notable where in Colorado - the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Rocky Flats, and various National and State Parks. He had amazing stories to tell because he didn't just go to work - he experienced it.

He also loved road trips. We traveled when we had the time and/or when could afford it. Sometimes it was just a quick little day trips and other trips were long 24-hour plus trips. The above photo is of an amazing Meteor Crater we saw on a trip to Arizona. In addition to the Southwest US, we explored the Western and Midwestern US - mines, caves, parks, monuments, landmarks, etc. He also loved big Cities! Going to New York City with Don was exhausting. He wanted to see everything he could in the little time we had. It's as if Don was driven to experience life fast because he knew his life would be short! Don you were amazing!
He was personal tour guide!!


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