22 January 2008

My Ninja Cabinet

Yeah! My Ninja cabinet is back from it's modification and repair. (That's Milo inspecting it's arrival.)

What is this "Ninja" cabinet? Well, it's a HUGE Japanese "tansu" cabinet I acquired about six months ago. It came all the way to the South Carolina coast from Kuraya Japanese Antiques in San Francisco. I purchased it "as-is" which is a given when you buy something that's 100 years old and online. Though I was very pleased with it's condition when it arrived it still needed some TLC. When Bill, an expert carpenter friend, offered to modify it so I can use it to store and hide my plasma television and also to repair some warping and cracks I instantly accepted. A few weeks later when he started working on it he found it had a secret! So he did some research online and discovered it was a particular kind of tansu - karakuri-dansu or ninja furniture - which have lots of hidden compartments and trick mechanisms to fool robbers. Besides having several secret compartments, Bill discovered it had a secret escape door!! Now that's super cool!!! Now when I look at it I think of cool Ninja stories.

Once I get my television and equipment installed and setup, I'll have to watch some old school Ninja movies to celebrate! I'm also going to have to add some cool Ninja art to my living room and just maybe make some Ninja art myself...

Thank you everyone for your interest in my shop, studio and blog. You will be seeing more and more handmade items starting to appear as the weeks go on. My creative "gears" are starting up and my sketch book is filling up. Now back to my Ninja cabinet....

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