22 January 2008

Cute (and Weird) @ the Studio

Here's just some new things that arrived this afternoon at my Studio:

Twisty French Dolls by Holiday Fair. Vintage, Japan Vintage Dollhead.
Super cute flocked chick. Vintage, Josef Originals.
Vintage felt two face doll - knob turns the wood face.
Velvet gold cloth elf. Vintage, Japan.


Cupcak Vintage said...

Oh my! I missed out Shop 66 Update today, that pose doll was so fabulous. Let me know when you have more :D

GMoss said...

I promise more are coming... I'll try to put some up by the weekend. :)

Elsita :) said...

Elsita :)

SunshineCityLassie said...

Great finds! The doll head is absolutely gorgeous. I actually quite like it by itself.

GMoss said...

I agree - the dollhead is beautiful all by itself. That's what caught my eye when I purchased it. Great display piece. Thank you :)