23 January 2008

Sicky Sicky

I'm ill again with another severe flair up of chronic sinusitis. Under Doctor's orders I have to stay in bed. So here I am bundled up in my fuzzy blanket, in my comfy bed! (I've also been watching movies, sketching, blogging and surfing the web.)

I did sneak into my Studio earlier to pull out some of the Easter things I've been collecting for myself and the Shop. (See below) AND I'm so sorry to say friends tomorrows Valentine additions will have to be delayed until Friday or Saturday. Again, so sorry. But for all you kitschy pixie fans - I have five more pixie elves on cushions available -- so contact me if you want to reserve one! I'll also be parting with a few pretty pose dolls!! :)

1 comment:

Elsita :) said...

Oh Gretchen I am sad that you're sick right now :( You should take good care of yourself and rest as much as possible. I don't know why I have the feeling that we are both the kind or girl that have a hard time stopping and taking brakes :)
(The little painting sold out so quickly I am so sorry but there will always be new ones! :)
I love the little drawing of the girl and the little scarf!
And you have so many little friends around you, you will never be alone!
Get well soon!!!!
Elsita :)