20 February 2008

Dollyland (aka my Studio/Office) Chaos

In an effort to get organized and add to Shop 66 inventory, I finally put up my other Ikea glass display cabinet. It's been a process. I first had to take out all the containers full of dolls and all the lingering Shop 66 inventory out of the room. Next I had to put the cabinet together - this was my fourth time - so it was easy? Not really... so I procrastinated until 8:00 pm because I have put three others together and knew what I was in for - it's a simple, well engineered design but not so fun to put together. Now, I'm putting the things I took out of the room back and the dolls and toys in the cabinets. Ahhhhh!

So now I'm taking a break from the chaos... BUT IT'S TIME FOR SHOP 66 UPDATES!!! Sooooooo, I'm getting ready to take my photos and load things up.... just keep in mind I'm a little behind! But it's all for good - I now (and will) have dozens of very cool dolls and other vintage items to add to Shop 66 inventory (but not tonight and not all at once).

Anyway, GOOD things are coming!! So do not feel like you will miss out on anything tonight -- I have TONS coming your way :)

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Claire said...

Wow! You really are a super collector. Amazing stuff! Hope you feel better soon.