20 February 2008

Wednesday Etsy Favs: Birthday Edition!

I'm waaaaaaaaaay behind in blogging my favorite newly discovered shops... so in celebration of my birthday this week I did a little self birthday shopping this morning! Now I need to share these wonderful shops with you:
(etsy id: magicbeanbuyer)

What can I say! I love these Lil Dumplin dolls! Give me one of each, please...
I bought "Cherry Mushroom" and "Creamsicle."

(etsy id: girlvsworld)

Amazing illustrations of cute girls!
I bought a small print of the second illustration - Girl Outside.

(etsy id: almab)

More amazing illustration! and jewelry featuring her art!!
I bought the necklace; titled: Home is Where the Heart Is.

(etsy id: zacharysevertshoppe)

Super cooooooooool art!
I purchased the "Forest Fire" painting below.... it was the shop's first sale!

All of this art makes me smile!! Happy Birthday to myself!!

1 comment:

mandy said...

happy birthday babe ... and i jus send out your package today!!!! hehehehe