18 February 2008

Life with Ferrets!

April, Hansel, Gretal, Meiko and Milo. That's the names of my five comical ferrets. Here's just a snapshot of what it's like to live with five ferrets (and if you're a crazy collector and artist):

My workspace room is also my ferret room. When I work on things as many as 10 little eyeballs are watching me. (But this is the way it has beeen for me for almost 20 years - it all started with with my first little ferret "Sebastian" my husband bought for me.)

Ferrets have to have cute bedding and lots of baby blankies because they love to sleep all tucked in blankies like little babies. The softer, the fluffier and the fresher the blankies the better. (I think they even know what's cute and what's not... you should see their food bowls...)

Ferrets are thieves!! Constant thieving or as it is called "ferreting" is their passion. (I guess that's why I understand them since I'm sort of a ferret of stuff too.) The closet in their room (or my workspace) is filled with their loot - tennis shoes, bubble wrap, small plush animals and toys, empty wrappers, and sometimes a thing I'm missing I need really bad - like my wallet or a coin purse.)My pose dolls and all my delicate dolls and toys have to be behind glass or up as high as possible - ferrets like to sink their teeth in soft things like pose doll faces. Somewhere, I have a box with a couple of pose dolls with facial lacerations (it's very upsetting).

So that's just a little snapshot on my fuzzy little friends that keep me company all day long! Though they need special care and attention, it wouldn't be the same without them. They make me feel loved and special! :)

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