19 February 2008

Springing Out for Easter!

It's time to open the Easter drawer! For months and months I've been adding to my vintage Easter collection and now it's time to "spring" out all my little friends! You can view the many stars of my collection in my Vintage Easter Set on Flickr.

I've also been noticing all the local shops have also opened up their drawers of goodies! Easter is all about CANDY and CHOCOLATE!!! And it's all cute! I was thrilled to buy my first bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs this afternoon...one of my all time seasonal favorites. And I was almost blinded by the site of a huge bin of classic yellow marshmallow Peeps! I bought these little boxes of jelly beans and malted milk balls as a seasonal addition to Shop 66 customer goodies bags.

I stumbled into World Market after my daughter, Samantha, was worried they were going out of business - the one I visited often in Detroit was having a closing sale. Fortunately, it was just that particular location -- my World Market is OK! I usually just stock up on Meiji -Apollo Strawberry Chocolates and other imported candies, various spicy chips and dips, bottles of soda, silly little toys, baskets, cute housewares and dishes. But I was overwhelmed when I discovered this years Easter decorations! I bought these cute little yarnie peeps. I also found some cool felt butterflies and flowers and vintage looking baskets!

I've also unwrapped many more items for Easter for Shop 66! Look for new arrivals this Thursday afternoon, February 21! These cute little lambies and other Easter and Spring cuteness will be available. But never fear if you miss out - I have so much more to share with you!
And one more sign that Spring is here (or coming) - the bulbs in my front yard have sprouted and are over a foot tall! :)


mandy said...

hahhahaa u like meji strawberry!! my best fren used to "steal" these from her mum shop and give it to me ...

Anya said...

Cute pom pom chicks! I got some like these as a kid - brings back memories. I'm into kitschy stuff too. I just did an article on a "peeps" bracelet on my website: