03 May 2008

66 Items in Shop 66 Again!

Phew!! I've been working diligently since Thursday evening to get the shop to have 66 items! And at the same time my Shop 66 friends have been happy shoppers when I add things... so it takes a little longer to reach that goal. I'm trying to maintain "66". And it looks like I'm well enough to. Now it's time to start uploading things in Shop 66 Jewelry for it's reopening May 5th! It will only have 10 or 12 things until I know I can handle both shops.

In the meantime, enjoy the new items in Shop 66! I'm off to have some fun and to clean out and organize my office. (I have a lot of packages to ship out Monday again!!) Have a nice weekend!

(I'm so excited -- another big box from Japan just arrived!!!) :D

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