04 May 2008

Sunday Additions!

I'm adding a few new excellent vintage items tonight (approximately 9:00 pm EST)! Get them while they last - some are one of a kind and others I have very limited quantities of.

Happy Sunday! :)


ismoyo said...

I always love all your items, but i think i'm in love with those retro girl magnets! Think i will have to place an order! ;)

little odd forest said...

i used to have tons of those Paper Dolls as a child... but well, i was only a child, so they all got torn up and very much mishandled!

ismoyo said...

Lady, i did place the order! I love the magnets shown on this picture, want those if possible, but now i noticed you have more. Can you let me know if i can add some funds and get an extra pack with my order? You can pick three cute ones for me in that pack!
I know you're very busy, but if you have a little bit time, pls email me to let me know how much extra to paypal you for an additional pack! contactATismoyoDOTcom
Thank you!