26 May 2008

In Memoriam

--Today is a National Holiday in the USA: Memorial Day--
Donald F. Moss
8.4.63 - 7.29.04
-- love never ends --

Our wedding invitation, 6.17.89


Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Hey there Gretchen!! You are such a doll! I admire your strength to share with the world your beloved Donald. So many people come into our lives, and sadly some pass way too soon. I have an uncle that lost his wife sooo many years ago, and it is always amazing to see the impact her life still has upon everything he does to date. I think passing on their memory is the most honorable thing to do for someone!! Thinking of you, and hoping your heart has peace!!
Love those invites, did you make those??

gmoss said...

Yes, I (we) made them. :) Thank you, g.

Folksie Linda said...

This is so beautiful.. your husband is very handsome.. we really share heart ache.. i too lost someone special to me.. i lost my first daughter. Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Linda

boopsiedaisy said...

Since I've 'known' you I have always been so curious as to your husband's story. He seems much too young to have passed so soon. Is there anywhere in your photostream where you speak of him in depth or go into detail in how you met & how you lost him, etc.? I think my intrigue stems most from your very first e-mail to me wherein you mentioned you are living & fulfilling your husband's dream for you. I would love to know more sometime, if it's not too painful. How amazing he lives on so beautifully in your memory & heart.

gmoss said...

Don was a materials testing engineer/site inspector. He left for work very early one Thursday morning to inspect and test new curb and gutter being laid at a new subdivision. Hours later I was called by his boss that there was a site accident and he was being taken to the hospital. Not the nearest, the biggest hospital in the area. I knew instantly it was bad - they were transporting him so far and I had not heard from him. Most of all I felt in my heart something hurting. I knew what he did on the job and I knew what he was around. I knew even before I was told. A concrete driver in haste jumped in his truck to move it and didn't look what was behind him. The truck crushed my husband. If he had not died from so much blood loss, he would have died from one of his seven severe multiple injuries. It was the single most shocking thing I've ever felt. It changed my whole world but I live each day the way he would want me too. Love never dies. g.