25 May 2008

Quiet Night

It's a nice quiet Sunday evening here. I spent the day cleaning and reorganizing my office. Though tomorrow is a national holiday, Memorial Day, I'll be working on Shop shipping and getting items ready to add to Shop 66.

Here's some photos I took of my Studio office this evening:

The bench below is covered with some of my favorite boxes of my vintage jewelry box collection. The black boxes are archival storage for my collection of stationery and other printed matter. Underneath is doll overspill. Below are some of my favorite small toys and miniatures.
I reorganized some of the shelves and contents of my doll cabinets. These cabinets feature some pose dolls but they also include Susie Sad Eyes, Love Me Linda and other vintage dolls. My other cabinets are primarily pose dolls and other cloth dolls. There is absolutely not room left in these cabinets for anymore dolls! (To fit a few new dolls in these cabinets today I had to make the decision on who will be up for adoption this coming week.)

Once again it took me the whole day to reorganize my shelves to make things fit

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