05 May 2008

The reality of selling cute little things!

It's Monday morning and the reality of selling cute little things is hitting me now - I have over 100 items to ship again!! Ugh!! And I was behind to begin with. Soooooo if you are expecting a package from me and you have not received it or you just ordered some things and want it expedited, please let me know. It will take me all day today and all day tomorrow to fill the orders. But I'm not complaining! Thank you for all love! I'm just overwhelmed with the idea of taking on this task - once again.

I'll be posting the announcement of Shop 66 Jewelry opening very soon. I have about 15 items to add to my other shop this morning. As I've mentioned more than once - I need a team of happy little elves to help me.

Happy Monday! :)

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